India Gems Of Araku


Back by very popular demand we bring you this years harvest of Gems which have been eagerly anticipated and will definitely not disappoint.

Coffee was introduced to Araku in the early 1900's, covering 13,560 acres of land. Araku farmers have decentralised small and scattered plots averaging 1-2 acres per family. They are subsistence farmers balancing cash crops such as pepper, turmeric, and ginger, with coffee production. There are 1320 farmers that make up this lot.  The coffee is chosen when the cherry is deep crimson red then dried on a mixture of raised beds and solar mechanical facilities, cherries are covered at night with fine cotton cloth to protect against any additional moisture due to condensation.

Balance and body are the biggest attributes to this cup, with the fruit flavours providing good counterpoints.

Process: Natural
Altitude: 907 - 1282 m.a.s.l 
Harvest: November - January
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Lime, Redcurrant
SCA score - 87.4 
Varietal: Sln5, Sln9
Certification: Organic