The Rocket Faustino


The Rocket Faustino is a great choice for grinding espresso at home and pairs perfectly with a Rocket Appartamento espresso machine.

Surprisingly quiet with an electronic interface to set the amount of grind time and a finely-tuned knob to dial in the size of the grind.
The Faustino features hardened steel 50mm flat burrs to grind coffee beans evenly, and the bean hopper, dispensing funnel, and portafilter holder combine to dispense into your portafilter hands-free!

Calibrating the timing and grind size enables you to dial in the very best espresso you can brew.

Please don't hesitate to contact for further enquiries regarding the acquisition of your hipster home espresso grinder.

Burr size: 50mm Steel
Adjustment: Stepless
Programmable dosing: Yes, via touch screen
Power: 260w
Hopper capacity: 320g
Dimensions: 130mm W x 162mm Hopper width x 385mm H
Weight: 7.6KG