Colombia - La illusion


This wonderful 100% organically grown coffee from the Paez association is found in the Tolima region of Colombia. The sandy and volcanic soils are irrigated by glacial waters flowing from the top of the snow-peeked Andes

The Yellow Caturra varietal arabica is grown at around 1800 metres by the Paez people who are indigenous to Colombia, escaping to this remote area in the 1500s to get away from the Conquistadores. These cherries have distinctive yellow fruit when ripe as opposed to the normal red. They are sun dried in raised African beds and the varietals could also include Bourbon Castillo and Typica.

When cupping we found cherries, pine, cinnamon, floral caramel, spiced aromatic, red wine, residual sweet and juicy, lemon acidity, well balanced and silky-smooth.

We have tried this coffee as an espresso, aeropress and in the cafetière, and its pure and clean properties are very apparent in every cup. We found it to be a  particular favourite through the pour over filter. There is no illusion here only quality!

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