Colombia Finca El Mirador 'Washed Geisha'


We always try to source at least one really exclusive single origin each year and on this occasion, we have chosen Colombia, a country that is one of the great Kings of coffee. Only 5 bags landed from Farmer 'Victor's' recent harvest into the U.K and we managed to grab two of them, already in the knowledge that his micro lots are unique and full of complexities in the palate. Passionate about his work he is consistently producing some really top quality coffees. The farm is located within the central Colombian Andes mountains at an altitude of 1850 metres with an abundance of shade trees permeating from enriched volcanic soils served by fresh mountain streams.

Producer: Victor Gutierrez
Lot 0156 - 5 x 35kg sacks
Cafes Especiales: Cup 88.50
Region: San Agustín Tolima
Hectares: hectares 7 - Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l
Varieties: Caturra Giesha - Washed Process double fermentation

Sun dried: +/- 21 days - Casa Elda, Marquesina.

Profile: Fragrance: Floral roses, aniseed, spice, sweet cream butter, green apple, citrus fruit, peach, plum, fruit tropical, kiwi, green grapes. Aftertaste. sweet juicy fresh blueberries. Body. medium smooth silky., good balance.