Honduras Coffee: Natural Single Origin


Our Honduras coffee is an exciting new single origin! Exceptional quality coffee and a distinct flavour profile await those that choose our newest single origin. It is a favourite among coffee lovers and is set to become a popular choice of our single origin coffee collection.

We have selectively and ethically sourced Honduras arabica coffee from established high altitude coffee farms to create a small batch roasted single origin that everyone will love. If you are passionate about great coffee, why not try our Honduras coffee beans?

Nurturing Honduras Coffee Beans

We have carefully selected quality Honduras coffee beans from a selection of small holding farmers. Together they form Honduras SHG coffee. The coffee is grown in a selection of high-altitude coffee regions including Copan, Marcala, Ocotepeque and Comayagua. By growing coffee in optimal growing conditions at high altitude, its natural flavour is enhanced. This results in truly exceptional beans that provide exceptional taste and coffee complexity.

Cultivating the coffee at high altitude plays an important part in the development of Honduras SHG coffee. The beans are grown at staggering altitudes of between 1,070 meters and 1,200 meters above sea level and some of the coffee farm altitudes exceed 1,200 meters. High altitudes create a unique microclimate that helps the beans to develop a unique flavour while intensifying its natural characteristics.

The cooler temperatures and longer maturation period supports the slow yet natural development of the Honduras coffee beans. This careful bean development has created a refined and nuanced cup that is enjoyed by even the most discerning coffee lovers.

The final stage in thecoffee’s development is at our Hampshire coffee roastery. Our master roaster carefully small batch roasts it to draw out its natural characteristics and flavour profile.

As with all coffees that feature in our single origin collection, the Honduras arabica coffee has truly earned its place alongside the other standout single origins. You can be confident that you will enjoy many great cups of this coffee.

Our Honduras Coffee

Our Honduras coffee is grown in rich volcanic soils, which impart a deep complexity and a subtle earthiness to its beans. These volcanic soils are rich in essential nutrients, which coffee plants thrive on. Its standout quality and rich flavour makes an exceptional espresso. It also makes enticing milky coffees for those that love a latte or crave a cappuccino.

Whether you are seeking a delightful single origin to enjoy at home or something to share with family and friends, our Honduras natural coffee is a great choice. Indulge in its enticing and unique flavour profile of dark chocolate, sugar cane and nuts. After small batch roasting the coffee. The coffee is packed into our beautifully designed packaging and is ready to send directly to your door.

Coffee Characteristics

  • Variety – Bourbon, Catuai
  • Process – Natural
  • Altitude – 1,070 meters to 1,200 meters
  • Producer – Collection of small holding coffee farmers
  • Regions – Copan, Marcala, Octepeque & Comayagua
  • Harvest period – December to April
  • Tasting notes – Dark chocolate, sugar cane and nuts
  • Cupping score - 80