Colombia Pachamama


The Planadas area represents 48 coffee producing hamlets representing 6821 small farms ranging from .5 to 6 hectares, renown for producing some of Colombia’s finest Specialty Micro-lot coffees, are now gaining a reputation for their higher quality commercial community coffee.

At altitude’s of 1600/2000m High-quality Specialties are found; the terroir is enriched in volcanic soils, capillarized with numerous fresh mountains streams.

Profiles: The coffees are rich in flavour, notes of red fruits, herbs, citric and lemon, deep intense chocolate and panela, full bodied, and wonderfully balanced, excellent acidity, with an amazing after taste. Cupping average 85.5/88 - Coffees are all grown the artisanal way, fully washed and fermented up to 36 hours, Sun dried and very carefully hand picked when ripened.

This coffee is a superb value offering in very uncertain times.

All our blends are supplied as beans but can be ground if required.