Brazil Eldorado


The grower Mr. Laerce Franca Faleiros has been working with coffee for more than 55 years. He is married to Mrs. Lucia Vilhena, daughter of Mr. Vilhena. Both families, Vilhena and Faleiros have a very long entrepreneurial tradition producing great coffees.

Today the farm is managed by Mr Laerce’s son Elvis, a second generation farmer whose whole life has been in the world of coffee. His stories have always had great examples in his family, and he wants to leave a legacy for his children through sustainable production, looking for quality coffees and sending better coffee direct from farm for the most demanding customers. People who think special will make a special coffee.

He started with the fermentation process 6 years ago, in 2014, in the beginning of this wave in Brazil. It is very important to get high quality and they experimented with a lot of options such as lemon, wine, tangerine and other incredible fruits.

The coffee is a natural process in all 7 farms of the Eldorado group and has resulting intense sweet flavours and they also use the honey process that helps in the intensity of sweetness and amazing notes of caramel.

Regiion -  Alto Mogiana Mineira

Growing Altitude - 1205 M.A.S.L

Milling Process Dry

Varietal Red Catuaí

Aroma Lightly sweet

Tasting Notes - Chocolate, nuts, fruity finish

Body - Full and Round