Burundi 'Masenga'


Burundi is among the smallest coffee producing countries in East Africa with a population of around 10.5 million people.  The Terrain is ideal for coffee production with elevations of 1500-2000 metres above sea level. 92 % of Burundi's export comes from coffee production and families cultivate an average of 150-200 coffee trees per farm with Arabica now representing virtually 100% of Burundi's national production.  

The Bourbon variety is grown at high elevations and is characteristically sweet with bright acidity, big body, floral, citrus and spiced with wild notes. Over the past 25 years, coffee production in Burundi has averaged 26,700 tonnes per year.

Landed - March 2022

Collection station altitude - 1700m 

Lot size - 45 x 60kg bags 

Processing method - Natural / Washed

Drying method - Sun-dried raised African beds

Drying time - 28 days

Varietals - Red Bourbon cultivar.

Tasting notes - Lime, crab apple, black tea and chocolate.