Colombia 'Bilbao'


Nuevo Bilbao is one of the most Isolated coffee producing regions, located in the central Colombia Andes.  This area falls in the middle of the conflict red zone area, for many years controlled by the F.A.R.C.  Our very good friends at Green collection have found a way to get this coffee through mudslides and impassable roads and onto the mill making sure that the farmers are paid 3 x what they would normally receive at commercial prices and a share in the profits once the coffee has landed and been offered to only the most discerning roasters like ourselves in the United Kingdom.  Bilbao is a blend of four small farms that are very close in proximity from 1600 - 2000 M.A.S.L between 0.5 - 1.5 Hectares in size and and are all grown the same artisanal way, fully washed and fermented up to 36 hours and Sun dried.  

Makes a great espresso!


Creamy full body, well balanced, chocolate spice, pannea, floral red fruits, acidity of green apple. 


All our blends are supplied as beans but can be ground if required.