Colombia Finca El Diviso


I decided that it was time for something really very special from the Planadas, one of the most isolated coffee producing regions within the Tolima district. Jamington Molano Aries is extremely passionate about quality and by working together with his family he has produced some really outstanding coffees. His story is much like most families in the area which until recently was classified a red zone and now opening up for safer and easier movement for farmers and locals. We are so thrilled to have a coffee of this high calibre with a cupping score of a whopping 88.25 at our Roastery and really look forward to your comments and reviews.

Farm - Finca El Diviso

Family - Jamington Molano Aries

Assoc - Agprocem

Process - Natural

Altitude - 1950-2000 M.A.S.L

Variety - Caturra, Typica, Colombia F8

Fermentation - 34 hrs Parchment.

Certification - Organically produced and awaiting certification.

Main Harvest - April - May - June 

Fragrance - Red apple, Carambolo, Red Fruits, Mandarin Tamarind, Refreshing Panela Chocolate

Flavour -  Fruity Sweet Dark Chocolate.

Mouth Feel -  Creamy Chocolate

Acidity - Bright Apple

Body -  Creamy well balanced

Cupping Score - 88.25