Colombia Finca El Mirador


For those of you who have been missing our Colombia 'La illusion' offering we've brought you something just as good if not perhaps even better! Grown organically from the same area in Tolima province, but this time by a Lady called 'Maria Edith Trujillo.' Six bags were produced during the recent harvest Sept / December

Maria grew up with her five brothers whilst she was taught by her parents to work in the field mainly cultivating coffee. At the the age of 23 she married Jose Vidal Montiel and they had six children together. They acquired their farm where they spent their life together until Josephs death six years ago.  She now lives alone with her six children and they help her with every aspect of coffee cultivation. El Mirador is located on the Montalvo Vereda, and on the farm they grow crops such as bananas and mandarins and coffee. The farm has several varietals of coffee growing - Geisha, Castillo and Caturra, all of which are processed differently to guarantee the best cupping profiles.

Altitude - 1904 M.A.S.L

Fermentation cherries - 48 hours and parchment - 35 hours

Tasting Notes - Smooth dulce and well balance butter, cacao nibs, dark chocolate, with floral juicy wild blackberry, mandarina, smooth, vibrant, fresh clean balance after taste.

Cupping Score - 87


 Maria – Finca La Mirador - Montalvo - Tolima
Maria – Finca La Mirador - Montalvo - Tolima 

Finca El Mirador Montalvo - Tolima
Finca El Mirador Montalvo - Tolima 

Family – María Edith Trujillo Vargas
Double/Fermentation: washed – 35/32 hours, sun-dried Marquesina 20+ days
Harvest: Main - June /July / August

All our blends are supplied as beans but can be ground if required.