Colombia 'La Illusion'


This jaw droppingly good organically grown coffee is found high up in the central Colombia Andes mountains of Tolima in Gaitana  and is grown by the Paez people (indigenous) who have been living in this area for some 400 years having escaped the Spanish invasion of the 1500s.  This is where some of Colombia's finest single origins are produced. The lots that have been carefully selected for us are from Geraldo Ramos's family run farm, who must all be admired for producing such an incredibly clean cup without the use of any chemical fertilisers!

Varietal - Caturra, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Castillo

Cupping profile - Cherries, pine, cinnamon, floral, oat biscuit, spiced aromatic, red wine, residual sweet and juicy, lemon acidity very well balanced.

With an 'honest' cupping score of 88.5