Evaristo Neyra - Organic Peru


We are proud to offer this coffee as being one of the top lots produced this year from the region. Located on the slopes of El Mirador, Evaristo's farm is found in the Mountain village of Barro Negro. After inheriting the farm 'El Guayaquil' 8 years ago from his father, today aged just 25 he resides on the estate with his wife and 7 year old son.  The name El Guayaquil is in reference to the bamboo trees found on the farm. Coffee is Evaristo's man source of income and all other fruit trees and vegetables grown on the property are only for personal consumption. For fertiliser, Evaristo uses a mixture of compost and 'guano de las Islas',  meaning guano from the islands. Located off the South coast of Peru are a collection of small Islands. , home to large sea bird populations. These birds produce large amounts of excrement, or guano, which settles on the ground as a nutrient rich top layer. Guano is collected on the Island and is transported to the mainland to be used as fertiliser.

General Info 

Farm : El Guayaquil

Varietal : Red Caturra & Pache

Processing : Fully Washed and dried on patios.

Altitude : 1850 M.A.S.L

Owner : Evaristo Neiro Cordova 

Town / City: Barro Negro, La Coipa

Region : Cajamarca

Cupping Notes

Overall : Plum, Raspberry, White Chocolate,