Panama - 'Kotowa Mandarina Geisha Honey'.


We are so thrilled to procure this rare and highly sought after coffee from 'Finca Duncan'.  On one side of the volcanic slopes of the farm you can see the distant Pacific Ocean and on the other side the rugged mountains of the continental divide. The coffee is managed using strictly organic production methods and the cherry pulp produced is treated with microorganisms during the composting stages giving a maximisation of macro and micro nutrients. Potassium, is delivered to the soil by this rich mixture which is vital for the development of the coffee bean.

This coffee is powerful and super clean with bright with juicy flavours of peach and blackberry when hot and when it cools down a little, Strawberry, Jasmine and rose petal become apparent.  The aftertaste is very long and sweet and changes from strawberry to cacao.

Varietal - Geisha

Processing - Honey

Altitude - 1700 metres above sea level

Total size of farm 10 hectares

Area under coffee - 10 hectares.


All our blends are supplied as beans but can be ground if required. 

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