Sumatra Wahana Rasuna


This is the first time we have sourced a really good single originfrom Indonesia and we are starting at the top with this really high quality Sumatran. Wahana Estate meaning vessels for great success is the first single varietal estate located in Sumatra. The estate itself was established in 2005 and currently extends across 468 Hectares, 250 of which are given over to coffee.  

At the start, the estate concentrated on the Rasuna and Longberry varietals and has since moved into more diverse offerings comprising local varietals such as Andong Sari, Jember, and Jantung, as wells more recognisable ones such as Villa Sarchi, Colombia, and Catuai these are all kept separate throughout the process enabling future production of microlots.

The Estate provides free housing for the 1000 workers it employs, water and electricity as well as there being a free health centre on-site, kindergarten, and nursery.

The Rasuna Varietal is a crossing between Catimor, which was widely found across Indonesia (and itself is a cross between Hybrido de Timor and Caturra)and Typica. Catimors do well but always suffer a remarkable drop off in yield after about 10 years a problem not present in Typica which is low yielding but has a much longer life span. The crossing of these two varietals has managed to keep the best of both and is found in over 45% of the farm.

Process: Natural
Altitude: 1200 - 1450m
Tasting Notes: Candyfloss, Caramel, Strawberry
SCA Score  87.75
Varietal: Rasuna