Tanzania AB 'Yetu Tamu'



The 'Bourbon' varietal was the first coffee grown in the Kilimanjaro region planted by French Catholic missionaries in Kilema at the end of the 19th Century, and later alongside 'Kent' varietal which had been brought over from India. Kent is notable for being the first varietal selected for its rust resistance.

Once bought from the cooperative, the coffee is further ‘milled’ by Mambo’s facility in Morogoro which means any defects are removed, the beans are laser colour sorted, hand-picked if needed and then bagged.

This coffee is literally grown in peoples gardens amongst other subsistence crops and so you can imagine the love, care, passion and hard work that has been invested from the very moment of planting through to harvest and mill.

Altitude - 1700-2000m

Cupping Score - 85.50