We are open to complete online orders which can't be done from home. Most coffee drinkers regard a cup of Joe as an essential part of their morning routine, helping to kick start body and mind into gear.

I am terrible at meditation and find it hard to sit still for too long, however when starting my day with a V60 lined with a wet filter paper balanced on top of a glass basin. I pour water in circles from a Japanese style teapot onto course grinds of a very good single origin coffee, (usually one of our Colombians) this fills me with calm and helps to declutter my mind. With so many people now working from home there has never been a better time for those homeys to work on their coffee pouring skills whether it be grinding and tamping an espresso or expertly packing the stove top.
9Barista Bialetti Express
There is a demand for excellence that is new and has never been taken so seriously before. Not so many years ago it was fashionable to call coffee enthusiasts geeks or bores. These days if you don't know your beans you just appear to be a little bit ignorant of the good stuff out there, that we can all get addicted to and still not be frowned upon.
There is so much satisfaction in hearing the delight in a customers voice as they momentarily lift their facemask to taste the red berries and panela from our single origin Colombia for the first time in the filter. 'I didn't know coffee could taste like this?' Is the usual cry, and in that moment that very second I know I have another addict in the making who will only help himself or herself to physiologically improve their health and liver whilst enjoying the good things in life. 
When we hear the turn of the keys of the government screws unlocking our doors are we going to rush out to the restaurants and coffee shops or potentially be able to prop up the bars again? Whatever we decide to do as individuals in the future I am sure we will all be far less tolerant of a cheap ass blend or a poorly cooked meal or indeed a lifeless pint of beer. We should quite rightly be more demanding of excellence having now become home baristas, chefs and cocktail shakers. We have put up with so much already this last year that only the best will now do.