Gerald started selling coffee in 2003 serving from the rear of his coffee van to thirsty commuters at Andover train station. After some years he became increasingly frustrated with the quality of the roasts he received from suppliers. One of his customers posed the question “why not roast your own beans and do the things everyone seems unable to do”

In 2013 Peaberry Coffee was set up deriving it’s name from the Peaberry bean. 5% of all coffee beans are Peaberry’s that you will find growing at the tips of the branches and are oval in shape and infertile by nature.

Our aim is simple and we strive to provide the best tasting coffees from around the coffee belt then small batch roast by hand being extremely careful to manipulate the whole process according to the history of the harvest. 

We are big on environment and wherever possible supply our wholesale customers with reusable coffee keeps that we can deliver and collect the empty ones, at the same time negating the need for a bag that ends up in landfill. Our wholesale customers love their Keeps and our retail customers love their Tins!

When you drink our coffee we want you to hear the angels sing!





Thank you to Heat Design for our lovely branding, Dorien Brouwers for the beautiful Illustration and Piranha Photography for our gorgeous website photography.