Every business wants to serve great wholesale coffee, but finding the right wholesale coffee company is not aways easy. While there are many blends to choose from, few can deliver the quality that coffee connoisseurs expect. At Peaberry Coffee, we know all about the challenges of sourcing great wholesale coffee beans, as we started our own coffee journey with a shop at Andover Train Station.

Wholesale Coffee Company

By choosing Peaberry as your wholesale coffee supplier, you will benefit from a truly personal service delivered by a family run and owned coffee roastery. We deliver great customer service and personal support to our wholesale customers to help them consistently serve great coffee. We also ethically source all of our coffee beans, with many beans being sourced direct from coffee farmers. At Peaberry, ethical practices are at the heart of what we do. We ensure that coffee farmers are paid a good price for their great coffee beans and have developed sustainable packaging solutions for our wholesale and retail customers. Why not get in touch with us and find out how we can help you serve great coffee to your customers?

Meet Our Wholesale Coffee

Our wholesale coffee blends are the perfect choice for any coffee serving business that cares about serving great coffee to their customers.

Both blends are roasted in small batches at our very own coffee roastery in Andover, Hampshire, so they are ready to be delivered directly to our valued wholesale customers. Our blends are served at leading restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and coffee shops.

It’s time to meet the two blends that have become firm favourites at venues across Hampshire and beyond.

Platform One

Wholesale Coffee Platform One

Platform One is our newest wholesale blend and has been carefully crafted by our second-generation coffee roaster under the watchful eye of our master roaster. Romeo has been carefully perfecting this blend to create a truly standout blend with a smooth finish. Many of our retail customers have had the opportunity to test Platform One and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Like our coffee, the name of Platform One also has a great origin. It links back to when we first started out in the coffee business with our coffee outlet on Andover train station’s platform one. While Platform One has great heritage, it is a modern blend that will suit any coffee serving business that is looking for the perfect balance between quality and cost.

Peace & Hope

Peace & Hope Wholesale

Peace & Hope is the very first blend that we developed at Peaberry and it is also the one that we serve to retail customers at our Hampshire roastery.

Since its launch, it has become a firm favourite among both wholesale and retail customers with its volcanic and crisp flavour. If you are looking to serve exceptional espresso to your customers and delight even the most discerning coffee connoisseur, Peace & Hope is the perfect blend for your business. This speciality wholesale coffee is the perfect blend of Honduran, Indian and Brazilian coffee.

Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Wholesale Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee
is becoming an ever-more popular choice among coffee drinkers who avoid caffeine or would like to enjoy coffee in the evening. Many of our wholesale customers order our Swiss Water decaf coffee alongside one of our two wholesale coffee blends. As with our two blends, our swiss water decaf coffee offers exceptional quality to coffee drinkers and has gained a reputation as a truly delicious decaf. By choosing our decaf for your business, your decaf coffee drinkers will not need to compromise on flavour or endure the weak and watery decaf that is all too common at many coffee shops. Instead, with our decaf they can enjoy a great tasting coffee made from selectively sourced Brazillian coffee beans that have been processed in a 100% chemical-free way.

Quality Tea

While we are very much a coffee business, we realise that not everyone is a coffee drinker, and many people prefer a delightful tea. We have partnered with Two Spoons to offer a great range of quality teas that we can supply alongside our speciality wholesale coffee.

Commercial Coffee Machines & Grinders

We don’t just supply great coffee to our wholesale customers, we also supply and install quality commercial coffee machines and commercial coffee grinders to take the hassle out of serving great coffee. We have formed great relationships with leading coffee machine brands and can supply coffee machines from leading brands including Victoria Arduino, La Marzocco and Iberital. Whether you need a budget machine or a high-end machine, we can supply something to suit your requirements.

When it comes to commercial coffee grinders, we are also ready to supply and install a great coffee grinder that will help you consistently serve great coffee to your customers. We work with leading coffee grinder brands including Ditting, Mahlkonig & Anfim as well as Victoria Arduino. Our coffee specialists can also help to advise you as to which grinder would be best suited to your specific requirements, so why not get in touch with us for expert advice?

If you choose to work with Peaberry, you can also benefit from our coffee machine and grinder installation & setup service. We can help you get started with serving great coffee and take away the hassle associated with the coffee bar design, installation and setup of your new equipment.

Some of our wholesale customers prefer not to buy a new coffee machine or coffee grinder. In this case we can usually offer reconditioned alternatives at a more affordable price point, depending on availability. If you are interested in reconditioned equipment, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Coffee Machine & Grinder Servicing And Repairs

Even the very best commercial coffee machines and grinders require regular servicing and the occasional repair to continue operating at their best. We offer a personal service and repairs to our wholesale customers for most coffee equipment makes and models. We can either visit your premises if it is within a reasonable distance of our roastery in Andover, Hampshire or can arrange for equipment to be collected, repaired at our Hampshire coffee roastery, and returned back to you.

If you are looking for personal service from a family run and owned coffee company, why not choose us as your wholesale coffee partner? Our experienced coffee machine engineers/technicians are ready to help you. We love supporting our customers and helping them to develop thriving coffee businesses by working in close partnership with each and every customer.

Commercial Coffee Training

There is so much more to serving great coffee than sourcing great beans and quality commercial coffee machines and grinders. To serve great coffee, you require experienced baristas who know how to get the most from their coffee equipment and are adept in the art of coffee making. We help our commercial customers to serve great coffee with our personalised barista training service. Our coffee experts will help you to consistently serve great coffee by teaching you how to use your coffee equipment and a few tips and tricks along the way.

Peaberry’s barista training is available either at your premises or at our roastery to suit your specific requirements. We are passionate about developing budding baristas into confident baristas to further our mission of bringing great coffee to every venue.

What Makes Peaberry Different

There are many wholesale coffee suppliers to choose from but not all can offer the personal service and quality coffee that Peaberry are known for. We are different in many ways from our focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing through to our small batch roasting and level of personal service. Find out what makes us tick at a glance guide:

  • Passionate about sustainability: we use reusable coffee tubs to supply wholesale coffee customers to reduce waste and protect the planet
  • Serious about sourcing: we ethically source our coffee, paying a good price for great coffee and in many cases work directly with coffee farmers which is much fairer than fairtrade
  • Always small batch roasted: we small batch roast every blend and single origin that we supply to get the very best from our coffee beans
  • Offer personal service: we deliver a truly personal service to our wholesale customers in a way that only family run and owned businesses can
  • Deliver coffee locally: we personally deliver coffee to local wholesale customers located in Hampshire, Wiltshire, and West Berkshire
  • Supply coffee nationwide: we supply wholesale coffee to venues across the UK via carefully selected delivery partners (A 16kg minimum order quantity applies to free courier orders)
  • Provide free equipment checks: When you buy your wholesale coffee from us and qualify for local delivery, we check your coffee equipment for free during most visits
  • Free barista training: Available for regular wholesale coffee customers. Subject to number of employees and venues.

Contact Our Wholesale Coffee Company

The Peaberry wholesale team are ready to help your business serve great coffee to its customers. Whether you need wholesale coffee, a commercial coffee machine and grinder, servicing & repairs or training, we can help. Get in touch with us by completing the form below or emailing info@peaberrycoffee.co.uk.

If you are considering us as your wholesale coffee supplier, we would love to send you a complimentary sample of one of our blends. Register your interest by completing the relevant section of the form below and we will contact you.