Why is it so important for us to rebrand? Once customers have tasted our coffee, surely the freshly processed product in the bag should sell itself? The latter of course is only partly relevant, providing painstaking care has been taken from the start, making sure we select the best coffees that are currently in season and then carefully manipulate them through the roasting drum.

I really do like the idea of becoming a zero waste roastery or as near to one as is humanly possible.  One way of getting closer to this goal is to provide wholesale customers with plastic containers full of coffee,  providing a sustainable alternative to a foil lined bag that will inevitably only help to underpin the already excessive foundations of Landfill.  A very small amount of logistics is required to reuse and replace empty vessels with full containers, however the benefits to the environment and the ease of packaging for the roaster are immeasurable!

So in reality there are two main processes involved in assisting our product to come to market.  Most important is the presentation of the bag and website etc, a close second is the contents inside the bag. Providing we can look the best on the street and taste the best we should have a chance of lasting success.  After all we are the real deal importing direct from farmer as much as possible, whilst aiming to provide the best cup of 'Joe' at journeys end.

A good example of a 'real deal' is our Luxury Hot Cocoa provider whom actually make the chocolate themselves buying in cocoa butter and coconut blossom sugar, then blending and processing for packaging and distribution. Of course it is so much easier to buy chocolate buttons from Belgium and then reform them in some fanciful wrapper embossed with a B.S story for the General Public who might then never be the wiser!  Next time you are searching the shelves, beware of fraudsters and try to decipher as much as possible from the small print on the packet.

None of the opportunities of design created for 'Peaberry Coffee Roasters' would be possible without graphics guru 'Stephen Taylor' from Heat Design and his hugely talented and highly acclaimed fine artist wife 'Dorien Brouwers' who have both taken it upon themselves to provide a magnificent platform for our coffee to then successfully relaunch. The process has now started online and some very attractive 'A' boards have also been created, particularly for use within the local area.  

So please do keep your eyes peeled for a 'Brouwers' illustration coupled with a 'Taylors' graphic vision and enjoy what's in the bag as much as whats upon it.