Yemen Coffee Natural Peaberry


Our Yemen coffee is the real star of our single origin coffee collection. It offers exceptional quality and a unique flavour profile that will delight your tastebuds. The natural peaberry beans are carefully sourced from the Al Quafr region which is situated just 200km inland from the Port of Mocha.

It is the most respected coffee region in Ibb with breath-taking scenery and fertile soils. Both of which are perfect for cultivating the very finest coffee beans.

Natural Peaberry, Our Yemen Coffee Beans

Natural peaberry, our Yemen speciality coffee, is cultivated by skilled coffee farmers in the northern part of Yemen. It is cultivated in the diverse landscape with lofty altitudes and perfectly sub-tropical climates. The climate is particularly well suited to coffee farming and produces high grade speciality coffee beans that are ready to be roasted by skilled coffee roasters.

We selected the Al-Quafr region to source our Yemen coffee beans from as we wanted to create an exceptional coffee that can lead our single origin collection. The Al-Quafr region is renowned for its expansive farms and deep-rooted history in coffee production. It remains the region of choice for many coffee farmers. Its coffee beans are a firm favourite among more selective coffee roasters.

The coffee harvest season in Al-Quafr eagerly commences in October and extends through into January. Temperatures during this period fluctuate between 11 degrees and 30 degrees. Coffee farmers rely on the summer rains between May and late August to aid cultivation and provide all the conditions required for a high-quality coffee.

The Al-Quafr Coffee Region

Cordia, Samar and fig trees dominate the landscape in Al Sana and Wadi Saian within Al-Quafr. The region is able to sustain a modern population with its abundant water sources and fertile soil which support a significant amount of farming.

While it is recognised for coffee growing, it grows many other crops successfully including barley, corn and tomatoes. Alongside agriculture, the local economy is also supported by a significant amount of tourism, which is driven by its range of historical landmarks.

Despite Al-Quafr’s thriving agriculture and tourism, transport infrastructure is limited. Most notably in regard to the roads which are rarely paved and often dirt based. This presents a particular challenge when moving coffee out of the region. While the logistics of coffee growing in the region present many challenges. The resulting coffee beans are exceptional and more than worth the effort.

The Yemen Natural Peaberry

Yemen coffee producers take great pride in perfecting the coffee growing process. They continue to refine their processes to develop the perfect coffee beans. The harvest period begins with coffee farmers selectively handpicking the reddest cherries.

Coffee farmers often pass a tree several times during each harvest. They will only pick the cherries when they are at their most ripe. This ensures that the cherries are always at their very best. After the cherries have been picked, they are transported to one of Sheba’s regional processing hubs, so they are ready for processing.

At Peaberry Coffee, we pride ourselves on the quality of our coffee. We say that every speciality coffee in our collection must earn its place to be sold online and in our roastery. We believe that our Yemen Natural Peaberry coffee has more than earned its place and is an exceptional single origin.

Whether you are looking to add a luxury coffee to your coffee collection or want a super single origin to enjoy with friends, our Yemen coffee will not disappoint.

Yemen Natural Peaberry has blackcurrant, brown sugar and lemon tasting notes and delivers a unique yet delicious flavour. Every Yemen Natural Peaberry bean is carefully small batch roasted at our roastery to enhance its natural flavour. After roasting we pack it into our recyclable bags, so it is ready to be delivered direct to your door. Our coffee is then enjoyed by speciality coffee connoisseurs across the country.

Yemen Coffee Natural Peaberry Characteristics

  • Variety – Udaini
  • Process – Double Anaerobic Natural
  • Lot type – Collective
  • Altitude – 1900 M.A.S.L
  • Tasting notes – Blackcurrant, brown sugar and lemon