Colombian Coffee Planadas ep10


Our Columbian coffee has been carefully sourced from one of the most isolated coffee producing regions in the Columbia Andes. Columbia Planadas ep10 is a truly unique single origin from the middle of the conflict red zone area, which was controlled by the F.A.R.C for many years. Experience one of the finest Columbian coffees, which is of exceptional quality and boasts a great flavour.

Sustainably Sourcing Columbian Coffee

As with all of the coffees in our single origin coffee collection, the Columbia Planadas ep10 has to earn its place alongside the many staple single origins that receive rave reviews from coffee lovers. Our great friends at Green Collection have carefully sourced these great Columbian coffee beans for us to small batch roast back at our speciality coffee roastery.

Green Collection navigate the mudslides and impassable roads to get the coffee beans to the mill. From here, they start their journey towards becoming the fine Columbian coffee beans that we deliver direct to the door of coffee lovers across the UK.

Ethical sourcing is at the heart of what we do at Peaberry. By working with the Green Collection, we ensure that Columbian coffee farmers are paid a good price for their great coffee.

The farmers are paid a staggering three times what they would normally receive at commercial prices. The great deal for the farmers does not end there. Furthermore, they receive a share of the profits once the coffee has landed!

We are proud to be a responsible speciality coffee roaster that helps Columbian coffee farmers run sustainable businesses. By paying a good price for great coffee, we ensure that great coffee continues to be farmed in a responsible way.

Planadas ep10, Our Columbian Coffee

Columbia Planadas ep10 is one of the finest Columbian coffees available from the Columbian Andes. Whether you enjoy an espresso, filter coffee or cafetiere, we are confident that the Colombia Planadas coffee will not disappoint.

It is a creamy full body coffee that is well balanced with a number of standout flavour notes. Indulge in the chocolate spice, pannea and floral fruits flavour notes. Together they create an unforgettable flavour, which is complimented by the acidity of green apple.

Once this fine Columbian coffee from Columbia is back at our roastery, the magic begins. We small batch roast the beans to enhance its natural flavour. It will then be ready for even the most discerning coffee lover. Our Columbia Planadas coffee is available as whole bean or ground coffee.

Columbia Planadas Coffee Characteristics

  • Region - Columbia Andes, Columbia Planadas ep10
  • Tasting notes – Chocolate spice, pannea and floral red fruits
  • Body - Full and creamy