Peaberry Hand Coffee Grinder


Brewing great coffee is all about getting the perfect grind. With our quality branded hand coffee grinder you will be getting your favourite coffee beans ready for an excellent espresso or delicious cappuccino in no time! Buying ground coffee will become a thing of the past.

The grinder will give you the ultimate flexibility to choose all of your favourite coffees and create the perfect grind. Tailor each grind based on the individual characteristics of each coffee.

Whether you want a great coffee grinder at home or a portable grinder to help you enjoy great coffee in the great outdoors or on the go, our hand grinder is the perfect match.

Our hand coffee grinder is made with a robust Aluminium alloy, which offers the durability required for regular everyday use. Its ergonomic design makes grinding the perfect coffee easy for all. The Stainless Steel Conical Burr Mill is primed ready to create the perfect grind at any time.

Quality is very much at the heart of our coffee grinder. Its other components including the main body, catcher and handle are made from Aluminium. If you are looking for a quality hand coffee grinder that will last, you will not be disappointed!

Getting The Perfect Grind With Our Hand Coffee Grinder

Grinding your favourite coffee beans is easy with our hand coffee grinder. In four easy steps you can create the perfect ground coffee. Firstly, unscrew the catcher clockwise and set the grinding settings to your desired grind. Secondly, remove the handle cover cap and add your favourite coffee beans (up to 30 grams at a time).

Thirdly, attach the cover cap, securely hold the grinder, and rotate the handle clockwise to start grinding. After you have finished grinding your coffee, unscrew the catcher clockwise and start brewing your coffee.

Grinding Adjustment

Great coffee relies on a great grind and the in-built grinder adjustment settings will help you to get the perfect grind. Whether you prefer a fine or coarse grind, our hand coffee grinder delivers both. It’s two main settings, fine and coarse, are well placed to help you create the perfect coffee every time.

Main Settings

  • Fine
  • Coarse

From the start point, there are a further three settings for different types of coffee. The types are: Italian coffee, Pour-over coffee, and French Press. Each main setting has its own range of manual grinds to help you find the best grind to match your individual coffee.

Types Of Coffee

  • Italian coffee
  • Pour-over coffee
  • French Press

Our Hand Coffee Grinder

By choosing our hand coffee grinder, you can leave imperfect grinds and being restricted to ground coffee behind! Instead indulge in the art of coffee making and take the time to find the grind that best suits your favourite single origin coffee or speciality coffee signature blend.

Our Master Roaster uses this coffee grinder at home and is clear about its quality. If you are a stove stop or espresso drinker, you can expect a workout while filter and cafetiere drinkers will grind with ease. Get serious about great coffee by buying one of the best hand coffee grinders.