Kenya Coffee: AA ‘Kericho’


This single origin Kenya coffee comes from Kericho, situated in the western edge of the renowned tea and coffee producing Rift Valley. If you are searching for a unique and ethically sourced single origin that is helping to transform the livelihoods of Kenyan coffee farmers, then look no further!

Our Kenya AA coffee is sure to delight the most particular of coffee connoisseurs, with its bold yet balanced flavour notes and unique profile.

Ethically Sourced Kenyan Coffee

We are proud to work with our partners at Lot 20. They are revolutionising the coffee industry in Kenya with their innovative approach to sourcing and exporting the finest Kenyan coffee beans. Lot 20 can bypass the traditional Kenyan coffee auction system. By doing so, they are helping to transform the livelihoods of the Kenyan coffee producers and farmers they work with.

Lot 20 are a vertically integrated coffee supplier. This means they own their processing equipment and maintain close relationships with the Kenyan coffee farmers they work with. This greatly enhances the traceability of the coffee they supply. In turn, this helps to protect livelihoods and promote the fair and ethical supply of Kenya speciality beans to our customers.

Lot 20 achieved full vertical integration when they bought their own state-of-the-art wet mill in 2022. This allows them to provide both quality Kenyan coffee and freedom from the outdated traditional Kenya coffee auction system.

Powered by their network of passionate and dedicated coffee growers, Lot 20 showcase the depth and unique flavour of Kenyan coffee to the world.

Our Kenya Coffee

Our Kenya AA Kericho coffee originates from the simply stunning Rift Valley region. Renowned for both tea and coffee production, Kericho’s fertile land, high altitudes and temperate climate lend the region to exquisite, unique, and flavoursome coffee beans. Kericho is located close to Lake Victoria and the Maasai Mara National Reserve, so it is surrounded by natural beauty.

The coffee producers process Kenya AA Kericho using the washed or wet process. This involves removing the outer skin before soaking the beans in water. Then, a de-pulping machine agitates the pulp so that it falls off.

Next, the coffee producers ferment the beans. This involves submerging the beans in water and leaving them to soak for several hours. Finally, the producers dry, pack and export the beans to our artisan coffee roastery here in Hampshire.

The blackberry notes give our Kenyan speciality beans their distinctive taste, along with the combination of honey, orange, and chocolate. This unique coffee makes a wonderful cappuccino, a delightful flat white or a lovely latte.

Like all our coffees, our Kenya speciality beans are small batch roasted in our artisan Hampshire roastery. We then pack the beans into our beautifully designed recyclable bags ready to delight our customers. For a simply exquisite coffee delivered directly to your door, look no further than our Kenya AA Kericho coffee.

Kenya Coffee Characteristics

  • Grade – AA Top
  • Mill – Sossiot, Kericho
  • Region – Kericho County, South Rift Valley
  • Producer – Ainabtany Coffee Farmers Services
  • Varieties – Mix of SL28 and SL34 and a bit of K7
  • Average Altitude – 1400 – 2000 masl
  • Process – Washed
  • Tasting Notes – Blackberry, Honey, Orange, Chocolate