Colombia Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee (Limited Edition)


Our Columbia bourbon barrel aged coffee beans are a real treat for coffee connoisseurs and particularly those that are partial to Bourbon. As a prominent limited-edition feature of our single origin coffee collection, it has become a firm favourite throughout the festive season and beyond.

We have combined ethically sourced Columbian Panadas EP10 semi washed coffee with a specially selected quality bourbon. This has created the ultimate alcohol infused single origin coffee. Don’t forget it is a limited-edition coffee, so order it quickly while stocks last.

Creating Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Creating bourbon barrel aged coffee is a real passion project for our master roaster, Gerald. He loves nothing more than sourcing great coffee and brilliant Bourbon. Gerald has created a truly special single origin for our valued customers to enjoy. The process starts with ageing an oak barrel. Which we do for several weeks using a couple of bottles of quality Bourbon.

Once the ageing process is complete, we pour out any remaining liquor. We then add 11kgs of the finest Columbian green coffee into the oak barrel. When our coffee and the Bourbon come together, we know that we are creating something truly special. It is a real standout coffee in the making.

Our master roaster carefully turns the barrel each day over a two-week period. This prepares the infusion and encourages the Columbian Planadas Ep10 coffee beans and Bourbon to mix together and infuse. From here we pour out the beautifully infused green beans and enjoy the aroma of Bourbon filling our coffee roastery.

The final stage is to small batch roast the infused Columbian barrel aged coffee. This ensures that we make the most of all its natural flavour notes and the added Bourbon based infusion.

Our Barrel Aged Coffee Beans

Our barrel aged coffee beans are a true delight and a firm favourite among our valued customers. Whether you are looking for a special coffee to enjoy in the evening after dinner with friends or a unique gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life, our bourboncoffee will not disappoint!

Enjoy the quality of the Columbia EP10 Planadas coffee alongside the enticing aroma of Bourbon. What could be better than a superb single origin coffee combined with quality Bourbon.

We have found that our barrel aged coffee creates truly stunning drinks in a V60 or Cafetiere. It is equally well suited to creating an excellent espresso. While we originally created our barrel aged coffee as a Christmas special it is a special single origin that you can enjoy all year round with family or friends.

Once we have small batch roasted the coffee, it is packed in our beautifully designed packaging and is ready to send directly to your door so you can enjoy beautifully barrel aged coffee at home.