After doing a brief 3 day coffee roasting course with Stephen Diedrich in early spring of 2012. I purchased a quest m3 sample roaster, I then spent the entire summer of 2012 sitting in the garden roasting coffee or at least burning beans and making terrible tasting blends. This was the start of Peaberry Coffee Roasters and the foundation from which our reputation as artisan speciality coffee roasters has been built.

The Single Origin Of Peaberry

In August 2013, we incorporated ‘Peaberry Coffee Roasters, having already ordered our Diedrich IR12 some 6 months earlier to arrive at Summers end. The Peaberry journey had begun and we were set to start roasting coffee.

I am not sure why new customers bought our coffee at the start as you would certainly have to like a rustic dark roast, perhaps because it was freshly presented was just enough to create an impact on their palates. You have to start somewhere when you are trying to learn the art of roasting coffee and no one really wants to help or advise you in the process, for fear you might become a competitor in time.

10 Years Of Peaberry Coffee Roasters

However, 10 years down the road with three rebrands and several packaging changes, we are I think hopefully starting to get noticed. I don’t think it’s because we are a large company that has grown quickly because we certainly have not done that! However, the quality of the single origin coffee and speciality coffee beans that we now provide becomes a massive help when trying to convert a new friend.

The Journey To Becoming Speciality Coffee Roasters

The journey has been really tough and I think I just might hesitate to say I would do it all again. We have however somehow survived, improving our methods along the way. While we have been educating ourselves, we have helped to teach others as to how great speciality coffee should taste.

We haven’t produced a cheaper blend like many of our competitors as we really believe the story behind great coffee is worth listening to and buying the cheapest possible beans we can find and selling it for the highest price would mean that we are not too dissimilar. Sticking to our guns and being a small batch coffee roaster with a bespoke and quality boutique business gives us great ammunition when selling retail and to new wholesale coffee customers who want to take their business into pastures green.

The Future Of Peaberry Coffee Roasters

There is still a long tough road ahead. Turnover versus profit is always on our minds and rising costs seem to be constantly snapping at our heals. However with the long-standing support of our regular and new buyers and friends we continue to keep going and growing without losing sight of what we set out to achieve at the beginning, spreading the word and filling the cups of eager hipsters and wannabe aficionados about how good coffee should taste.

About Peaberry Coffee, Speciality Coffee Roasters 

Peaberry Coffee Roasters have been roasting the finest speciality coffee since 2013. As speciality coffee roasters in Hampshire with a passion for all things coffee, the focus is very much on small batch roasting the finest coffee beans that are almost always sourced directly from coffee farmers. Peaberry ensures that coffee farmers are paid a truly fair price for their coffee to support their craft and community.

Our Master Roaster then takes are specially sourced coffee beans and small batch roasts them to create super single origin coffee and signature speciality coffee beans. Our speciality coffee is enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs and coffee lovers right across the UK from Scotland down to the South Coast and South West. Why not discover our coffee beans online or visit our roastery in Andover, Hampshire for the ultimate coffee experience.