Peaberry Coffee Roasters has come a very long way since our incorporation in June 2013. During our ten year journey, we have tried whenever possible to constantly improve our speciality coffee offerings and packaging. It is our mission to not only provide our customers with the best tasting small batch roasted coffee but also with packaging that looks just as good as our coffee tastes. After all, as the saying goes, "we eat with our eyes first," and this is very much true for coffee.

New Recyclable Packaging For Our Speciality Coffee

We have recently repackaged our coffee for the fourth time, and we decided to make the switch to recyclable packaging. Sustainability is something that we want to champion and we are therefore keen to play our part in protecting the planet. 

While we initially opted for compostable packaging, we realise that composting facilities are still very limited across the UK. This makes it difficult for our customers to dispose of the packaging correctly. As a responsible and sustainable speciality coffee roasters, we believe that it is essential to make honest sustainability easier for our customers, and recyclable packaging seemed like the obvious solution.

Speciality Coffee Signature Blends


Beautiful Illustrations To Compliment Our Speciality Coffee

We are delighted that we can finally print our beautiful illustrations by Dutch artist Dorien Brouwers onto our new recyclable packaging. Dorien's artwork perfectly captures the essence of our coffee roastery. We are very proud to finally showcase it in the style that it deserves.

We owe a huge thanks to Stephen Taylor from Heat Design. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that our packaging and (soon no launch) website are top notch. He understands the importance of the attention to detail and design creation layout and we could not be happier with his results.

New Weights For Our Small Batch Roasted Coffee

In addition to our repackaging efforts, we have also decided to change the weight of our coffee bags. We have simplified our offering by moving from 250g bags to 350g bags. While also removing the 500g bag in the process. We now only produce 350g bags and 1kg bags. This simplifies the logistics for our roastery, and we believe it will improve and simplify our customer experience when buying coffee from our online store and in our Coffee shop in Andover.

Single Origin Coffee

Visit Our Andover Coffee Shop At The Roastery

We understand that the current market is tough, with rising costs affecting many businesses. However, we have noticed a positive trend in recent times. Customers are coming to our coffee bar at our Hampshire coffee roastery to buy a cup of coffee as a treat. This is instead of as part of a daily ritual. We are thrilled to see that our coffee bar is getting ever busier. Even though customers are becoming more discerning about where they spend their money. This reinforces our belief that quality and freshness will always attract new business.

Great Quality Coffee At Home

When customers visit our coffee shop in the roastery, they can take a beautiful bag of speciality coffee home with them, containing great tasting artisan roasted coffee. It is a great way to enjoy our great coffee at home while also making an attractive cost-saving too!

We believe that coffee making at home can be an important type of daily meditation for customers. Peaberry can bring an exceptional coffee experience into your home with coffee delivered direct to your door. So whether you prefer single origin coffee, signature blends or decaf coffee; at Peaberry we have the perfect coffee for you!

We hope that our new packaging and our forthcoming new website will make it an ever more enjoyable user experience. It has never been easier to buy Peaberry Coffee. We are confident that our speciality coffee will continue to delight coffee connoisseurs and coffee lovers nationwide.