Are you all ready for Christmas? The answer is a definite fat ‘NO’ from me. However, we probably all know a few of those really organised people who have been ready with presents bought as early as the Christmas sales last year! If you are feeling hampered in your Christmas shopping efforts, it is the perfect time to consider our Christmas Coffee Hampers and Coffee Bean Gift Sets.

Christmas Coffee Hamper & Gift Set

This Christmas season we are offering very carefully procured Christmas coffee gifts in the form of our Coffee Hamper and Coffee Gift Set. Both gifts contain the finest small batch roasted speciality coffee and are perfect for the coffee connoisseur or coffee lover in your life. Whether you opt for our coffee hamper or coffee gift set, your chosen recipient will be delighted with their coffee gift.

Christmas Coffee Hamper

Our Christmas Coffee Hamper is the ultimate Christmas gift for coffee lovers. It contains a trio of speciality coffee beans with coffee flavours from around the World. We have included two of our finest signature blends: Peace & Hope and Sultans alongside the star of our single origin collection, the Brazil Eldorado. 
In creating the perfect luxury coffee hamper, we didn't want to stop at great coffee. Our artisan beans are complimented by finely selected tea from our friends, the Two Spoons. Coffee innovation is also a feature of the hamper, with the One Brew Coffee Maker joining the lineup. Introduce the power of gravity into your coffee and tea making to brew a full bodied version of your favourite hot drink. The hamper is completed by the trusty Peaberry tote bag, so you can call the shots on your next shopping trip!

Coffee Bean Gift Set

The Coffee Bean Gift Set offers a fine selection of small batch roasted speciality coffee. A duo of speciality coffee beans awaits the recipient with one of our finest signature blends, Peace & Hope, paired alongside a standout single origin, Gems of Araku.

Coffee isn't the only ingredient in our quality coffee gift set, we have selected some great coffee companions to compliment the duo of speciality coffee beans. The set includes the Peaberry Enamel Camping Mug, which is perfect for enjoying great coffee at home or on the road and the trusty Peaberry Tote bag so you can go shopping in style!

Hampered In Your Christmas Shopping Efforts?

We are all struggling to buy food this year. However, I have noted that the nail bars are all still full, which is only adding confusion to this recession we are all now in. I have a friend who is on a business trip to Italy the week before the Christmas break and he said to me that everyone on his present list will be getting 3 year old parmesan, a product that increases in value by the ageing process and quite the opposite to coffee, which really should only be sold freshly roasted. A very practical and well received present and I very much hope that after our conversation I am firmly on his list and not cheesed off.

Quality Christmas Gifts

Surely, it is more important now than ever to change one's buying pattern and buy some great coffee for a loved one or just to simply show off that you know where the good stuff can be found. I don't wish to appear ungrateful for presents past but I would rather receive a box of coffee and tea and a vessel to to take that sensory voyage in than perhaps for instance a box of yellow golf balls or more socks and underwear that aren’t really my style.
Our home is full of things we don’t really need and can’t ever consume and this year more than ever I'm hoping for high quality consumables that put a smile on my face at my Christmas dinner place.

Discover Our Christmas Coffee Hampers & Coffee Bean Gift Sets

We would love to help you with your Christmas shopping by providing great Christmas coffee gifts to your loved ones. Our speciality coffee is renowned for its quality and will not disappoint even the most discerning coffee connoisseur this Christmas. The eco-friendly nature of our hamper and gift set ensures that you can enjoy it yourself or gift it to someone special guilt-free.