Africa's Largest exporter Uganda recently announced that production of the 2022- 23 crop could reach record levels due to improved rainfall and planting of seedlings over the last eight years. Ugandan coffee could be set to gain prominence, especially with Uganda Bukonzo coffee.

Discovering Ugandan Coffee

I can remember being slightly underwhelmed when I cupped samples about 5 years ago from another importer. I had decided after that, that Ugandan coffee was not one of my particular favourites. However when James Wilkinson (Omwani Coffee) last visited our Roastery he plonked himself straight down on my most comfortable chair and announced 'So you don't think much of Ugandan Coffee?' This Yorkshireman - styled African Chief's presence was suddenly so overwhelming. Although in a welcoming and charming way. We have been buying coffee from 'Burundi' through James at Omwani coffee for a few years now. It's become a staple in the Roastery and one of my speciality coffee favourites.

Uganda Bukonzo Dream

Once we had cupped the samples he brought with him from 'Agri Evolve' I noticed how 'Bukonzo Dream' stood out from the rest, being a naturally processed bean by leaving that precious cherry on the seed after picking, to dry in raised African beds and then milled some weeks later. Perhaps Uganda Bukonzo coffee was set to be a standout speciality coffee.

The harvest has been a bumper in Uganda this year due to the correct amounts of rain falling at the right times of ripening. Record output for Uganda was over 5.6 million bags in 2020-21. Meanwhile the country's exports peaked at 6.5 million bags in the same year according to the Data on the UCDA's website. The Ugandan government supports coffee and tea producers by subsidising much needed seedlings despite tight budgets. 

Producers have managed to improve yields by cutting down old trees, planting higher-yielding varieties and increasing the use of organic fertiliser. All of these factors boosted coffee production.

Uganda Bokonzo Coffee 

If you have not tried Ugandan coffee the time is now definitely ripe! Discover the naturally processed coffee beans from the Rwenzori Mountains with stawberry and blueberry flavour notes. Uganda Bokonzo coffee is truly unique and a single origin that many enjoy at the roastery.


Origin: Uganda
Process: Natural
Varietal: SL14 & SL28
Region: Rwenzori Mountains
Flavour Notes: Strawberry | Blueberry | Juicy