Finca La Esperanza Anaerobic Geisha


For all you lovers of Colombia's finest, this Geisha has been grown by Lady farmer 'Vanessa Castro' in San Pablo in the Tolima region from where some of you have already become big fans of our Planadas Ep10 our roastery staple that we stock with fresh delivery's at least twice to three times per annum.  The Green Collection our greatest friends and holiday companions have again surpassed all expectations by providing coffee of this calibre. Vanessa certainly seems to know her onions as we have never tasted an anaerobic Geisha of this quality from Colombia before. Vanessa is a committed farmer producing wonderful award winning coffees.

The Green Collection are now in partnership with a company called 'Especiales Tres and Esquinas which translates as 'The Three Corners' and have converted one of their  building's on their farm that belonged to 'Wilsons' father to create a processing centre where they are now using state of the art fermentation methods and are producing  some of the finest microlots both anaerobic and washed Coffees and naturals.  The reason why the green collection decided to go down this route is to control and improve quality of the coffees collected from their friends the farmers.

They have also set up a local drying station to help the farmers with the huge logistical challenges they face, often using a mule to travel 3 -5 hours through the jungle from their farms to get their cherries to the mill.  This has also helped to further improve the quality whilst unburdening the farmers.

FRAGRANCE: coriander, cinnamon, ginger, tropical fruits, blackberries, floral, lavender, jasmine, raspberry FLAVOR: chocolate, floral AFTER TASTE: structured ACIDITY: delicate, crunchy, lemon BODY: medium BALANCE: rounded, complex. 

Technical Specifications

Altitude - 1546 M.A.S.L

Cupping - Score 88

Process - Anaerobic Semi Washed

Fermentation - Double Anaerobic 96hours average

Sustainable -  shade grown Cherries

Variety - Geisha

Drying - Parabolica and finished humidity controlled dryer.

Finca Co-ordinates - N 3.17095 - 75.64586

Harvest May/June 2023